Well this is the section where you will find the members of this site, that is in other wordsmy friends. You might find your name here too. A short description of what they are good at and what I feel about them is given. If the person consents, there might me a picture or two of the members. I use this space to write about my best friends - you mean so much to me.

Since this is online...I thought of giving info maily about my chat mates. There are over 400! Sorry if your name is not there.

My Best Real Life Friends

Kevin Silva

19/08/2008 00:00
This is my bestest ever friend. We were friends from lower grades. I met him when I joined 'Kusinara International School' in Moratuwa (my hometown) in Sri Lanka. I stayed with him in the same class...

Dinu de Silva

19/08/2008 00:02
This is also one of my beloved friends. I first met him in ‘Kusinara International School’. I have spent many wonderful times together with him. He is one of my first best friends. Yeah, I remember...

Minura Malaka

19/08/2008 00:06
Minura is another of my best friends ever. Minura had the features that attract friends – friendliness and humour. He was superb in his pranks. He was a very good person too. I was so...

My Best Lady Chat Friends

Tara 204

19/08/2008 00:09
She is an extremely good person. She is friendly as well and her official nickname is 204tara. Her popularity is sometimes troublesome to her but she...

Gemma Owens

19/08/2008 00:13
Gemma, known as Giggles to some, is a very good friend of mine. Whenever she’s online I always have a good chat. She loves Jonas Brother (in case you...

Maria Cristina

19/08/2008 00:55
She is one of my most beloved chat friends. She is sweet and also friendly. She is my adopted chat elder sister. She is known most by her nick Kikyo....

My Best Chat Mates

Jiang Fan

19/08/2008 00:52
Known as Jack0107 too, Jiang is another extremely friendly person. He is one of my best chat buddies and he always has a smile when he says something...

Kanil Sanka

20/12/2008 09:59
Kanil Sanka, from Sri Lanka, is an extremely caring and friendly person. He is a sms chat king and one of the first people to join sms chat...

Kum Oye

19/08/2008 00:48
Kum Oye is one of the most friendliest person I have ever met. He is very warm and always helpful. He lives in Indonesia. He is one of my best chat...

Prince Richard

19/08/2008 00:39
More popularly known as Princetin1066, he is one of the most popular people in lycos. He is my main advisor. He always gets lost in pm land (you know...

My Beloved Chat Friends


19/08/2008 21:59
Ariari., one of the more popular people in the Asia room of Lycos chat. She is so afraid of anyone else knowing her name so I have resisted the temptation of putting up her name. Ariari is one of Tara’s best friends. Ariari is a sweet lady who likes to drink water all the time. In the chat room she...


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Elakiri! Mates

Elakiri Gangziya

04/06/2009 12:33
  I really don't know you all but for the people who see this now I made this for jollyata and kammaliya erase karanna. Please note that I started this site in 2008 and now I am not updating it because of some problems. Anything written by me is copyrighted under the Internet Data...