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04/06/2009 12:33


I really don't know you all but for the people who see this now I made this for jollyata and kammaliya erase karanna.

Please note that I started this site in 2008 and now I am not updating it because of some problems.

Anything written by me is copyrighted under the Internet Data and Patent Act (faux). Please don't copy my pictures of text (which I typed) because I really took a lot of trouble and time to do them.

Don't go to other sections, unless to the Home Page 'cause if you don't have a updated Virus Guard it may be difficult for you later. Hahaha just kiddin'.


I made it while you people were eating.Made it just for her (lol)

My parents went away sumwhr so I am here with only a drink and a busuit packet

Anyways, for McQueen nangi :P

If you have a bit slow connection...first hope u get a faster one (like Cool G's) soon and please have patience until the pictures load.


For Thelaa Rox and Cool Gayathra

Oh erase wela chuttak  :(




For Other Mates:


The Point of all this is to give you all a message:

We have post and chat....actually Elakiri is a post-forum system site, apart from downloading music

But always remember behind that nickname there is a person just like you...

Who may get hurt when you say something Insulting

And may smile when you say something approvable

And laugh when you crack undry jokes

So let's be cool and friendly



Please support Tigo 'coz it gives you 1000 sms free daily...I enjoy this thing upto the maximum

I support Chelsea for Life and for Death

Read Some Silly Comic Strips:

My real name is Lahiru T. Fernando, but in the chat world call me Kudos Utopia.

Ok Friends...mama mema article eka jolliyata haduwe...enjoyed it? Cool

If you care, you can go and vote for the poll in the my homepage, about this site. Only a few has voted. I put it later.

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