Gemma Owens

19/08/2008 00:13

Gemma, known as Giggles to some, is a very good friend of mine. Whenever she’s online I always have a good chat. She loves Jonas Brother (in case you were wondering, it is a very famous musical band) to death. She supports Manchester United and this was the reason why we became friends in the first place. As you all may know I would almost die for Chelsea FC, so occasionally we get in the bad moods when we have debates on these two teams (but Gemma, I still think Chelsea is better, oh no, what am I saying? I don’t think, I know they are better! Hehe). And hey – Gemma is a cousin of a Westlife Band Member, wow, so cool. Gemma is Irish. Her best friend is Stacey. And Gemma loves to sing and is petrified of dogs and water but her favourite drink is pure water, hehe. She also likes to drink coca cola and fizzy orange.