Mother's Day

Mother's Day


Mother's Day which is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May is an occasion when you express your affection and respect for your mother. It is the time which you can give your mother to pamper herself with all good things that she has been looking for.

In Hindu mythology also we have seen that mother has been given place of god, because she is capable of handling all bad situations and keep you safe and secured.

In the US, Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day as a national holiday and reserved the second Sunday in the month of May to honor them.

Mother's day is the day when you can give at least some portion of love and affection to her which she has been giving you through out these years. <!--[endif]-->

What makes a perfect mother's day gift? What if you give your mother one day good break with a complete rest like she gets time to pamper herself by soaking herself in a hot tub or celebrates with her friend over for lunch or dinner?

You can gift your mother with gifts, flowers, chocolates, cakes, jewelry, apparels and other such gifts make the day more memorable.

Well no gift can match the love that she has given us, but still gifts are one medium that you can signify your love towards her. You can gift her gifts basket filled with all her favorite things, jewelry, fresh flowers, perfume, and personalized gifts or treat her by taking out at her favorite place.

If your mother treats you whole year with all the wonderful things that she can gives you then why not we give her at least one day to get pampered. By making her feel that she is the most important person in your life. She would feel happy and also respected. Why not make the mother's day the most memorable day in her life? Make her feel that she is the most important women of your life and that she is the one who has helped you in doing all that good things in your life that you have been till now.

Mother's day is soon arriving on the second Sunday of May! So, on this Mother's Day don't forget that special lady in your life – your "MOTHER".

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