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 Juventus can very easily claim the title 'World's Best Soccer Club'.

Juventus FC is a champion team with many trophies and there constancy is amazing. I can say without doubt that they, along with Real Madrid, is the world's no.1.

Juventus has won an amazing 27 Italian League Titles and they have come at second place for 19 times. Wow, such a record. They also have won 9 European Titles and two other International Titles. Juventus has been in the first division of Seria A since they were first formed except for one tragic season when they were relegated due to match-fixing. Oh! For over 100 years in the top division!

Many great soccer players and great managers and coaches have arisen from Juventus.

Alexandro Del Piero is one of Juventus' most famous players. He has appeared in about 560 games and has scored as massive 241 goals. Super players like Zinendine Zidane and Gianluigi Buffon have shined in Juventus.

Juventus also boast of world-class managers like Marcello Lippi, who won 5 Seria A titles with Juventus

Juventus FC was formed in 1987. According to legend, the exactg date is November 1, 1987. It was formed by  group of young teenagers who loved to paly football. These boys were seated on an uncomfortable bench when they first thought of making Juventus. The first manager of Juventus was Enrico Cafari and the colours of the first uniform of Juventus' players was pink. They first participated in the Italian in 1900.

To see a detailed description of Juventus FC : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juventus

To ss the uncomfortable bench : bianconeri.tripod.com/picjuve/juve4.html

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Here are some videos about Juventus;

Video about the best moments of Juventus:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE0a_eqvKj0

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What do you think about Juventus?

Date 21/08/2008

By Lahiru Fernando

Subject Juventus is the Best!


Juventus of course clearly is one of the best teams. Well Real Madrid is also in there too, but no other team is even closer apart from AC Milann. Juventus, you are the best. Go and show Inter how to win it!