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As you all know, England (or Great Britian) is the most influential nation in the whole world. England was modern soccer's birthplace. The EPL is the most popular soccer league and teams like Manchester United have a large number of fans thorughtout the world. Superbly popular players like David Beckham and George Tino have emerged from England. You can get an explainaton of the EPL from below.

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 Why some intelligent people think that Chelsea would win this years EPL:

Last seaSon their three most important players (Drogba, Lampard and Terry) all had long spells out of action. And they very nearly won a Premier League and Champions League double. Add Deco, Bosingwa and Big Phil Scolari, and the title is surely returning to Stamford Bridge.

What Joe Cole said on Monday: "I can guarantee we have 23 men who are ready to run through brick walls for each other."

Chelsea has started the season with a flyer - a 4-0 win over Portsmouth. Even though the Blues played well their new manager, Scolari, says that their were several things that should be improved. Anelka, Cole, Deco and Lmapard all scored goals. This game was a huge welcome for the new manager.

Manchester United did not have a perfect start as they drew the game with Newcastle United 1-1.


It seems that Kaka, the one that Chelsea has been trying to get for nearly three years, will join Chelsea next summer. It is said that Chelsea's last offer was 150 million dollars for the attacking midfielder but AC Milan has refused it. Kaka is currently the world's best footballer. One could remember that this is the same way that Chelsea went after Shechvenko - after about three years of negotiations Chelsea finally got him. Kaka might also be Chelsea's next season. Oh what wonderful news for Chelsea fans.

Robinho has been denied by Real Madrid to join Chelsea. Robinho is very much eager to join Chelsea after a dissappointing season at Real Madrid. Real Madrid, as they haven't being able to snatch Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, will need Robinho now. Robinho is extremely frustrated about Real Madrid's decision.

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