What has happened so far...

21/07/2008 20:14

    Ok, so as you know there are nations or countries in the world. There are also elections in all the nations of the world. A country or nation needs to have a leader - a president. A president is the highest representative of a nation. As you know there are two types of governing types existing in the world today - democratic and communism. At the moment only a handful of countries, such as Cuba, have communism. All the others have a democratic government, including the USA. So to elect a president there is an election - a presidential election.

    At the moment there is a presidential election taking place in the USA. This is the 56th presidential election of the USA. There are two political parties in the USA. They are 'Democratic' and 'Republican'. As of July 2008, the initial parts of choosing the candidates for presidetns are over. You must have heard words over the news like 'Super Tuesday' and 'Primaries'. These all belong to the initial stages of this election. At the moment from about a dozen nominees two candidates have been chosen by the people of the USA - each from the Democratic and Republican parties (there should be one form each party). The democratic cnaditate is Barack Obama and the republican candidate is 'John Mccain'. Obama's policy can be shortened to 'Change'.