Music... (Rated 5 Stars)

20/07/2008 14:06

Music, ahh, music, what joy it brings to the souls of most of us . . .


Music is a language, an international one, any being can understand music more or less. Humans knew music long before they could talk with each other. Music can be our 'lamp' in the darkenss. When our loved ones detest us we can always run to this lamp and enjoy it (that is you must have a radio, musicplayer or whatever first!). Music can be simple, very simple. It could be just mimicking a tune or drumming with your fingers on your head.

Music has evolved along with civilization. Today there are millions of singers and hundreds of different musical instruments in the world. Some terrific singers are regarded as gods because they give us good music - music is like a divine thing. Ok now, what is a song? A song is a compostion of a tune or music and words.

Like in everything else there are some almost inhuman people are making up music or songs that gives the listeners unholy messages. Good music cleanses our mind. You can tons of good songs or tunes that gives up a self-satisfaction and pleasure.

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