04/08/2008 16:45


By Lahiru Fernando


·        Life is so unexplainable.

·        Anybody who can enjoy life is extremely fortunate and blessed.

·        Life is meant to be enjoyed decently, whatever troubles you maybe in.

·        You will never realize the full value of life until you take your last breath.

·        Don’t be too sure of worldly things in life.

·        There are two main ways in life, the good way and the bad way, always choose the good way unless the other ways is unavoidable.

·        A life is like a movie but you cannot watch it again

·        Life is a hard and cruel journey, but you have to endure it and at the end you will be happy that you did so.

·        Life maybe monotonous but search harder and you will find that even the most trivial things are interesting in a way.



By other People:


·        What goes around comes round and to get the rainbow you have to endure the rain – Gemma Owens

·        Life cannot deny itself to the person who gives life his all – Norman V. Peale

·        In life, there is no retirement – Swami Dayananda

·        When you’re married and have children life is never your own – Betty Freidan

·        The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn – David Russell

·        To enjoy life one should give up the lure of life – Gandhi

·        A good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge – Betrand Russell

·        Life is a predicament which precedes death  - Henry James

·        What the meaning of human life maybe I don’t know; I inclined to suspect that it has none – H. L. Mencken

·        It matter not how long we live, but how – James M. Bailey

·        Life is a precious gift to man … - Vidya Dahejia

·        A new question has arisen in modern man’s mind, the question, namely whether life is worth living… no sensible answer can be given to the question.. because the question does not make any sense – Eric Fromm

·        Is life worth living? – In a Poem

·        Life will never wait for us… who can say whether tomorrow will not be late? – Teilhard de Chardin

·        In today’s society, a sad thing indeed, life without money is like trying to fly without wings – Max Brand’s remixed by Lahiru Fernando

·        If you wish to live, you must attend your own funeral – Katherine Mansfield

·        No one can escape life – Swami Chinmayananda

·        Life has become a complicated business these days – C. Rajagopalachari