Elvis Presley

19/07/2008 19:31

Elvis Presley is regarded as the most popular singer ever in the world, even still, after about thirty years of his passing away. Elvis Presley is aslo known as the 'King of Rock and Roll'. He was one of the pioneers (that means he was a creator) of rock and roll music. He was the first international superstar. He was brilliant, and I do not exxagerate here, but he was and is the best. Let these points prove my point:

He was the first singer to be popular internationally - his name is far more popular than almost all of the other singers in the world

He has been able to retain his popularity in a short musical career of just about 12 years - he was not in the stage for about 9 years and this was the time when the beatles became popular

He has the highest number of number one songs - a super 17

He has the highest number of number one albums - a fantastic 10 (Jay Z, a rapper, also has 10 No.1 albums), just imagine almost all the other artists will not even put out that much of albums even if they perform for 50 years