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19/08/2008 21:59
Ariari., one of the more popular people in the Asia room of Lycos chat. She is so afraid of anyone else knowing her name so I have resisted the temptation of putting up her name. Ariari is one of Tara’s best friends. Ariari is a sweet lady who likes to drink water all the time. In the chat room she...

Maria Cristina

19/08/2008 00:55
She is one of my most beloved chat friends. She is sweet and also friendly. She is my adopted chat elder sister. She is known most by her nick Kikyo. She lives in Romania. She sometimes gets upset very easily (girls! oh!). She likes oriental salad. We occasionally had our arguments and were angry...

Jiang Fan

19/08/2008 00:52
Known as Jack0107 too, Jiang is another extremely friendly person. He is one of my best chat buddies and he always has a smile when he says something – which is pleasant to see. He is a hard-working person and lives in China. He is doing his higher studies now. Jiang loves to read books (a very...

Kum Oye

19/08/2008 00:48
Kum Oye is one of the most friendliest person I have ever met. He is very warm and always helpful. He lives in Indonesia. He is one of my best chat mates. His real name is not Kum Oye but I cannot put up his real name in public. He will be a good friend to anybody, I assure you. He now works...

Prince Richard

19/08/2008 00:39
More popularly known as Princetin1066, he is one of the most popular people in lycos. He is my main advisor. He always gets lost in pm land (you know what that mean, hehe). He is a warm friendly person. It’s always fun to have a chat with him and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get angry...

Gemma Owens

19/08/2008 00:13
Gemma, known as Giggles to some, is a very good friend of mine. Whenever she’s online I always have a good chat. She loves Jonas Brother (in case you were wondering, it is a very famous musical band) to death. She supports Manchester United and this was the reason why we became friends in the first...

Tara 204

19/08/2008 00:09
She is an extremely good person. She is friendly as well and her official nickname is 204tara. Her popularity is sometimes troublesome to her but she goes on. She is cheerful and she easily laughs for jokes. She is one of my best chat friends I’ll ever have. She is from Serbia. Lycos will get...

Minura Malaka

19/08/2008 00:06
Minura is another of my best friends ever. Minura had the features that attract friends – friendliness and humour. He was superb in his pranks. He was a very good person too. I was so unfortunate as I only spent one year with him together in the same school. We first met in ‘Ceylinco Sussex...